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Last updated: 22nd August 2018

By signing your Offer of Employment, you confirm that you have read and understood the Terms of Employment listed below. Please click on the headings to read more...

Vehicle use agreement

 • All Employees operating a company owned vehicle agree to operate the vehicle according to the following guidelines. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in revocation of an Employee’s privilege to operate company vehicles or termination under some circumstances.

• Employee must maintain a proper and current driver’s license for the type of company vehicle that they are operating and notify management immediately if they no longer have a full valid license.

• Employee must follow generally accepted safe driving practices and obey traffic regulations.

• Employee will ensure that all occupants of a company owned vehicle are wearing safety belts while the vehicle is in motion.

• Company vehicles are to be used for work purposes only, within working hours.

• Employee is financially responsible for any parking or traffic violations while operating a company owned vehicle.

• Employee must report all accidents within 1 hour of the occurrence to Charles Hoare.

• In the event of an accident which is deemed avoidable, the Employee will be responsible to pay for any damage caused.

• Employee will not vandalise, make any modification or add equipment (CD players, stereos, cellular phones, etc.) to any company owned vehicles.

• Vehicles are not to be loaned to any Employees not allowed to operate company vehicles.

• No non-Employees are allowed to operate vehicles.

• No hitchhikers are allowed in vehicles.

 • Towing of mobile homes, travel trailers, or any type of recreational or utility trailer is prohibited.

• The use of alcohol and controlled substances prior to and during operation of any vehicle is prohibited.

• Any hazardous substances, chemicals or dangerous goods (as defined by law) are prohibited from being carried in a company vehicle.

• The Employee is required to keep the van clean and tidy at all times, this includes regular cleaning of the exterior and interior.

•Each vehicle contains a First Aid Box which the Employee should keep in the vehicle at all times. It is the Employees responsibility to keep the First Aid Box fully stocked at the Employers expense.

• The Employee is required to make sure that the van is in a safe working order (oil level, tyre pressure and condition, screen wash).


Employee's duties

The Employee agrees that he/she will faithfully, honestly and diligently serve the Employer in the Employer's business of supporting, promoting, selling, and representing the Employer at all work places and client offices serviced by the Employer now or in the future, and that he/she will devote his/her entire time and attention to those duties during the hours of work, as defined by the Employer. The Employee must be respectful of and professional to all Employees of Charles Hoare landscape & garden services as well as our Clients and suppliers.


Probation period (new Employee only)

It is understood that the Employee shall be employed for a one week trial period, followed by a 3-month probation term at which time, or before, a performance evaluation will be undertaken to assess his/her performance in order to determine his/her progress, and/or continuance of the said contract. In the event this contract is continued, at that time a wage review will be commensurate with performance.

Holiday will not be applicable whilst on probation, and must be accrued once a permanent contract has been signed. Each full month accrues 2.3 days holiday for the first year.

Exclusive service

During the term of employment, both Part-time and Full-time Employees shall well and faithfully serve the Employer and shall not, during such term, be employed or engage in any capacity in promoting, undertaking or carrying on any other business.


The Employee will maintain a positive work attitude throughout all service hours, keep on schedule and within the materials quote. The Employee will maintain professional working relationships with all clients and all members of Charles Hoare landscape & garden services teams. Each Employee will be ready to work each day with the proper tools, issued uniform, PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), paper work, supplied by the Employer by the agreed upon start time each day. The tools and equipment must be in good working condition, clean and professional. The Employee is responsible for the proper use, working order and storage of all tools and equipment both at the yard/lockup and on all work sites. The Employee is expected to leave all work sites safe, clean and tidy at the end of each working day.

The Employee will not discuss any matters or communications concerning any confidential matters with co-workers, clients or any other person(s) unless otherwise notified. The Employee will communicate any problems or complaints experienced through the course of the work day to Charles Hoare immediately and provide a written follow up. Each Employee is obligated to be proactive and alert Charles Hoare of any client or project changes immediately. Each Employee will treat clients and all other person(s) with utmost respect, and will politely communicate with clients and participate in building positive client relationships. Swearing is not tolerated at any time.  Disruption of our clients’ workplace by an Employee of Charles Hoare landscape & garden services will not be tolerated.

The Employee will report illness to Charles Hoare by calling him on his mobile phone. This report will include the reason for the absence and expected return date. A doctor’s note will be required after 2 or more days of absence. It is the responsibility of the Employee to ensure that he/she is contactable at all times. (mobile phones to be fully charged). The Employee is required to promptly and consistently respond to text messages and voicemails. Mobile phones are intended as, not only a communications device, but also a safety tool and are compulsory.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Safety boots, which cover the ankle, will be worn at all times during exterior landscape services. Should the Employee fail to do so, it will be at the Employees own risk.  Lost time resulting from failure to be equipped with appropriate safety boots will be the Employee’s responsibility and could result in a deduction of pay.

Charles Hoare landscape & garden services provides the following PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) – gloves, ear protection, eye protection, sun protection, hand protection, breathing protection, and any other required protective accessories. It is the duty of each Employee to use and maintain these protective devices with respect, and perform the necessary preventative maintenance to ensure appropriate life from all PPE. It is the Employee’s responsibility to request replacement from the Manager when required. All PPE is to be worn and/or applied to ensure Employee safety.  The safety supplies and equipment are all supplied by the Employer, however it is the responsibility of the Employee to make sure that he/she is prepared with the appropriate safety equipment, on a daily basis.


All Employees will be outfitted in the company uniform.  While representing the Employer on job sites:

All Employees will maintain the provided uniform in a neat and tidy manner and will return unsightly/unprofessional looking uniform for replacement as needed. Employee will be required to sign for all uniform and equipment supplied to him/her and will be required to return the items on that list at the end of the season or upon their termination of employment with Charles Hoare landscape & garden services. Should the Employee fail to return all items in good condition, then the Employer reserves the right to deduct the value of the items from the final pay cheque.

Recording your work time

All Employees must record their time sheets in the required format and submit them to the Manager at the end of each week. Failure to comply with this will result in late payment.

Break times

One fifteen minute break can be taken in the morning. The Employees are given thirty minutes for lunch and another fifteen minute break in the afternoon.

Bad weather policy

Employees are advised to call Charles Hoare if they have any problems due to weather. If the weather is not conducive to work outdoors, you may be offered suitable alternative work for that day.  Bad winter weather requires careful planning to ensure proper arrival time at the beginning of each day. Each Employee must proceed with due diligence for their own personal safety. If the weather threatens safety, then the Employee must call Charles Hoare to notify him/her of late arrival and/or absence due to weather.

Lack of work

In the absence of work for Charles Hoare landscape & garden services, pay will not be affected.

Illness/sick days

A Doctor’s note must be produced by the Employee after 2 days of illness and/or daily if illness becomes a regular occurrence.  You will then be on SSP (Sick Scheme Pay).

You must notify your Foreman/Manager of your illness before 7am, if you are unable to attend work.

Payment is at our discretion. If we feel that your absence is unjustified, then Charles Hoare landscape & garden services has the right to refuse payment.


Whenever a layoff of personnel is necessary, those Employees affected will be given as much advance notice as possible. Employees will be chosen for layoff on the basis of ability, job requirements, and experience.

Emergency/funeral leave

Full time Employees may be granted a leave of absence with pay (days will be deducted from your holiday allowance) or without pay due to death, grave illness, injury, or another such emergency need of a family member. Family members recognised for this purpose are parents, siblings, spouses/partner, children, children in law, and grandchildren.

Leave of absence

An Employee who has been working for the Employer for a two year term may be granted personal leave without pay for urgent or unusual reasons not mentioned above. The leave must be convenient and approved by the Employer.

Holiday application

If the Employee wishes to have a day off he must provide one weeks notice to the Manager. This has to be approved by the Employer.

If the Employee wishes to have more than 1 day off, then one month notice is needed. This has to be approved by the Employer.

Please be aware that Charles Hoare landscape & garden services is a seasonal company and therefore additional notice should be given when booking holidays during the Summer months.

It is the policy of Charles Hoare landscape & garden services, and under agreement by this Employee that holiday pay will not accumulate past one year.

Personal telephone calls

Personal telephone calls are restricted, unless emergency, to break times.

Employees will only use mobile phones when safe to do so. The Employee will not compromise the health and safety of themselves, vehicle passengers, nor the public. The Employee will not expose the Employer to any risk or liability with irresponsible mobile phone usage.

Personal use of company owned resources 

Personal use/borrowing of all resources, i.e. tools, materials, vehicles and equipment are not permitted unless requested in writing by the Employee and permission granted by the Employer.

Violation of company policies

Violation of company policies may result in written and/or verbal disciplinary action by the Employer. Repeated violations may result in suspension without pay and/or termination. Wilful misconduct and dishonesty will result in termination.

Alcohol & drugs

Charles Hoare landscape & garden services requires that if you are taking prescription drugs or over the counter drugs that may impact your ability to perform your day-to-day work safely and/or may put your fellow team members and the public at risk, that you inform the Employer immediately. Charles Hoare landscape & garden services maintains a zero tolerance policy for Employees who are using illegal drugs and other substances that may put the Employee, fellow Employees or members of the public at risk.


Employees who smoke cigarettes will be required to obey the smoking policy as follows:

a. No smoking on company or customer property.

b. No smoking in company vehicles.

c. No smoking during loading/unloading of equipment/materials.

d. Smoking to occur only during break times.

Notice of termination

The Employee may terminate his/her service by giving the Employer two months notice in writing of his/her intention to do so. The Employer can terminate an Employee’s job at any time, but the Employer must provide proper written notice. Nothing in this paragraph shall be construed to prevent the Employer from dismissing the Employee without notice in the event that the Employee absents him/herself from work without the consent of the Employer, misconducts him/herself generally, is involved in any dishonesty or for any other just cause.


The Employee is responsible for ensuring that they are on site everyday. If the Employee foresees a problem with this, they must notify their Foreman with a minimum of 24 hours notice. Failure to do so will result in a written warning. Two written warnings may result in a termination of the contract of employment.

Failure to comply/penalty for breach of this contract and/or policy

Failure of any Employee to comply with the contract as agreed upon with the Employee signature will result in the Employee receiving a letter warning of misconduct and/or immediate termination.  If an Employee receives a letter of warning of non-compliance or breach of contract and/or policy, then they are expected to correct the behaviour/ attitude/ practice immediately.  If the Employee fails to do so, this will result in immediate termination.  The Employer does not condone such activity and behaviour.