Last updated: 1st April 2016

Charles prides himself on delivering an excellent standard of work to all clients, and every job is signed-off by him personally. What makes us stand out from other companies is our attention to detail and going above and beyond the brief to make sure the client is 100% happy with the work.

Our standards of workmanship and the behaviour of anyone representing our company have to be exemplary. 

This Code of Conduct sets base-line requirements for ALL staff, so that we can continue to maintain this high standard of service. 



 Customers have a right to expect the highest quality of work:

  • All staff must be familiar with the job
  • All contractual and site-specific obligations must be met


  • Employees must be polite, considerate and knowledgeable about their tasks
  • If unable to answer a query, employees should direct customers to their Foreman or Manager

Tools for the job

  • All hand or vehicle mounted tools must be used correctly and fit for purpose.

Leaving a site

Every member of staff is responsible for ensuring that the site is left neat and tidy at the end of each day.
Check that:

  • Nothing has been missed 
  • The site looks better after the visit 
  • Supervisor or Contractor cards have been completed and delivered correctly if required

Taking a break

Employees are entitled to scheduled breaks. However, unless on a scheduled break, all members of staff should be actively engaged on site at all times. 

Dressing for work

Uniform is provided and must be worn at all times, along with the relevant safety and protective clothing.